Feature Highlight - Member Pages


Did you know that inCMS allows you to create websites with restricted pages, so-called Member Pages? These restricted pages are only accessible to people who successfully complete the log-in process.

In this video Tim guides you through the process of creating your own Member Pages:

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Feature Highlight - Search Module


Did you know that you can add a search module to your inCMS website? This allows visitors to search for a specific word and subsequently be led to the relevant subpage. This way, any information your website contains can be easily and quickly found.

Learn more about it in this video:

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Feature Highlight - 404-Error Page


Did you know that you can create your own 404-error page in inCMS? You have the possibility to design the page, adding text, images and links to your own liking. If a website visitor then clicks on an old link to a page that no longer exists, he will be shown the 404-error page you created.

Learn more about how it works in this video:

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New: Feature Update - ActiveCampaign & CleverReach


Integrate ActiveCampaign or CleverReach into inCMS in order to collect and save the data entered into a CrossSignup form in these portals.

Watch this video to learn more:

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New: Feature Update - Site Sharing


It is now possible for inCMS Agency and Pro Customers to share Local and Member Pages with other users as templates. To do so, simply activate the "Sharing" checkbox, copy the corresponding link and forward it to the person of your choice.

Find out how exactly it works by watching this video:

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New: Feature Update - Member-Page Template "Coaching"


We are pleased to present the newly released Member-Page Template for the niche "Coaching" to you. This template is the perfect basis for a functional and visually appealing member area, making it possible for you to easily share your valuable knowledge with other people.

Watch the video to learn more:

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New: Feature Update - Member-Page Template "Life Coach"


We are happy to be able to present a newly released Member-Page Template named “Life Coach” to you. This template has a nice and simple design and is the perfect foundation for a well functioning member area. Of course it only takes a couple of clicks to duplicate it and adapt it according to your / your company’s needs.

Interested? In that case be sure to watch this video:

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New: Feature Update - Local-Page “Web Agency 24”


We would like to present the newly released Local-Page Template “Web Agency 24” to you. It’s a nicely designed website which you can easily duplicate and adapt according to your needs and wishes.

Learn more about this template by watching the video:

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New: Feature Update - Quick Search & Data Protection menu


We are pleased to announce two small new innovations concerning „Quick Search“ and the Data Protection menu.

Watch the Feature Update Video from Tim to learn more.

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New: Feature Update - Google Fonts: Self-Hosting Fonts


In order to display all non-standard fonts correctly, your website connects with Google Fonts (and thus with Google Servers). It then loads the required web fonts in the visitors browser cache.

If you want to avoid this, you can now download and install the Google font(s) of your choice (self hosted).

For more details, watch the video:

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