SECockpit and Google's Update on the Autocomplete API


Google has updated their Autocomplete (Suggest) API. We're keeping an eye on the changes for our SECockpit customers. Watch Sam's Video...

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RankTracker: Show Top Keywords in the Dashboard


RankTracker now allows you to view your top keywords in the Dashboard with the Top Keywords widget. Watch this short video and learn how...

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SECockpit iPhone App - SEO on the go!


Ever wonder how well a particular keyword is doing or wanted to view your keyword folders while you're away from your desktop? Watch Sam's video now and learn how...

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Semantic Search for SEO and PPC Keywords


SECockpit has a powerful feature, allowing you to find related keywords based on the current top 10 competitors. Watch the video now...

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RankTracker provides the proof you need


Now that Google’s Mobile Friendly Update is here, RankTracker provides the proof you need...

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Manage Thousands of Lines of Data with Custom Formulas In SECockpit


Learn how you can easily manage thousands of lines of data by applying < > values to the Average and Maximum columns using custom formulas in SECockpit...

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Track rankings on Google Mobile Search with RankTracker


If you haven't heard yet, somebody must be sleeping on the job!

It's the "talk" of the whole internet marketing world.

Google is making a massive update to it's algorithm on April 21.

And if you are NOT ready, it will definitely affect your website rankings.

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3 Step Solution to Getting Things Done in 2013


One thing's for sure: there is absolutely no shortage in opportunties for anyone to build a profitable online business in 2013. Yet, I fear that this fact - that there are so many opportunities - may also be the largest pitfull for all of us.

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Raven Tools Rank Tracker Alternative


RavenTools is abandoning their Rank Tracker. Find out what we're going to do about that.

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SECockpit Feature Update: Export and Rank Tracker


Better Exporting and an awesome Rank Tracker Preview! Click here to see all the details about this update...

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