What if the Corona crisis holds the key to your breakthrough?

This is my vision for you: I want you to see your biggest breakthrough during this crisis.

In this personal video I have an important message for you:

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Dear Entrepreneur

Chances are you haven't fully grasped everything that's happened and changed over the last weeks.

Maybe big plans and goals you had set for your business this year have been crushed - just like that - without any notice.

The thing that freaks you out the most is that there's no end in sight.

It's hopeless.

Let me ask you a really important question: would you be truly happier in this exact moment, if this global crisis hadn't happened?

I'd dare to say you'd probably be caught up by other irrelevant worries, preventing you from appreciating all that you currently miss.

So - if we think about that for a moment - that means, that no matter the circumstances: if we don't watch out, we so often end up in worry.

But that leads me to a next really important question: what would happen if we started to watch out. If we started to stop letting worry dominate our life?

Do you see how amazing this could get?!

This means your happiness and success is NOT primarily dictated by your circumstances!

Let me explain:

Allow me to rewind back just a few weeks before this global crisis. Imagine yourself on a day like today with all the possibilities lying in front of you - some of which you might be deprived of today.

What would you do differently?

Do you see where I'm going with this? If you could free the person you were a few weeks ago from all the worry and distraction - and if instead this person could focus on all the possibilities still available to him - he'd be ramped up with energy!

What would happen if you laid down your worry and opened you heart to the huge potential the incredible possibilities available to you today?

Do you realise how just the thought [letting go of worry; opening to the huge potential] has an incredibly freeing touch?!

See - therein lies the key to YOUR breakthrough.

I invite you to step up and out of pit of worry and despair.

I encourage you to declare over you life that you will no longer let worry control your life.

Take a moment to write down everything you're thankful for.

Realise everything you've taken for granted. And you will discover you've been given everything you need to accomplish the goals you have on your heart.

I'm so thankful for this crisis!

It's thrown overboard many of the plans we had made here at SwissMadeMarketing and also put us in front of big challenges to overcome. We realised, that it's not only provided us with an opportunity to supersede our previous goals, but we can make an impact for far more people.

And this is my vision for you: I want you to see your biggest breakthrough during this crisis.

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How will you decide? Let us know in the comments!

Will you let yourself be guided by fear or will you declare to be led by hope?